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2023 Jubilarian: Sister Diane Przyborowski

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Celebrating 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Diane Przyborowski’s 60-year legacy as a Franciscan Sister began in high school. She was drawn to the Franciscan way of life and the ideal of Francis’ simplicity, single-mindedness, and deep love of God. She spent eleven years in another Franciscan community before joining the Wheaton Franciscans around 1973. Here she found a dynamic community of women dedicated to living religious life in an “open-to-the-Spirit manner.”

Throughout her religious life, Sister Diane served in various ministries, including grade school and high school teaching, retreat direction, spiritual direction, education consulting, formation directress, and counseling for those living with HIV/AIDS. She also served on the Provincial Council and as the Provincial Directress.

One of Sister Diane’s highlights was her experience living in a hermitage in the woods, where she learned to live simply, be still, and be one with God. She fondly recalls watching a beautiful waterfall that was born after a heavy rainstorm, which she saw as a delightful surprise from God. We are grateful for her spiritual ministry and wish Sister Diane a wonderful Jubilee!

I would like to be remembered as someone who laughed easily, shared herself enthusiastically, taught well, loved people and God deeply, was faithful to the journey, loved the earth and the heavens, and lived life to the fullest.”

Sister Diane

1 thought on “2023 Jubilarian: Sister Diane Przyborowski”

  1. Avatar
    Sr. Diane Przyborowski

    Thank you for the written piece that was done for my jubilee. I appreciate the pulling together of my thoughts from various sources.
    I do have one correction. You misspelled my last name. It is PrZYborowski.
    Thank you

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