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Franciscan Way of Life

The Wheaton Franciscans are committed to sharing the Franciscan story and spirit with all people of goodwill who want to learn more about Franciscan spirituality and how to integrate the Good News of God’s love into daily life.

Exploring the Franciscan Way of Life is a 24 month cohort program that explores how each of us is called to live a values-based life in our world today. It is designed for individuals with no experience in Franciscan spirituality and those with more knowledge seeking to bond with others to deepen one another’s experience.

Let us begin to do good, for as yet we have done little.

St. Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi desired to live the Gospels – he did not set out to create a movement. He chose a radical way of living by seeing God in all creation.

Exploring the Franciscan Way of Life is open to people of all, or no faith tradition who want to learn more about Franciscan spirituality.  The program is formatted to take place in monthly sessions of approximately two hours each, plus two Saturday mornings providing an opportunity for deeper reflection.

Community building is an important component of the program. Committing to the scheduled sessions contributes to building a safe and caring community.  Each session provides readings to prepare for the session, which includes prayer, input, reflection, and discussion.

Exploring The Franciscan Way of Life

A program to deepen our response to God’s call in our life today.

  • Registration opens on June 1, 2024 and is required. Please register by August 19, 2024.
  • Registration is limited
  • All sessions of the program are held over Zoom.
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  • If you have more specific questions about Exploring the Franciscan Way of Life, contact us.