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New Dutch Regional Council

From Sister M. Magdalena Schmitz on behalf of the General Council:

We congratulate the compositional newly built Dutch Regional Council. We wish Astrid Roggen God’s blessing and the accompaniment of the Holy Spirit in her responsible ministry. We thank Cees Backer for his readiness to embrace financial responsibilities in good stewardship and we welcome Marietta de Wit. We are also grateful for the openness of Sister Auxiline and Sister Simone, creating a future by trustfully ministering in new ways. Keep them all in your prayers!

Pictured above from left to right:
Sr. M. Magdalena
Sr. Auxiline Bergen – Regional Directress
Mr. Cees Backer – Financial Advisor, Regional Council
Sr. Simone van Rooijen – Regional Council Member
Mrs. Astrid Roggen – Chairperson of the Regional Council

Mrs. Marietta de Wit
New Regional Council Member
June 1, 2023


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