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Our Leadership Team

Pictured above from left to right:  Sr. Toby Bonny, Sr. Mary Lou Wirtz, Sr. Glenna Czachor

The Wheaton Franciscans are served by a Regional community leadership team of three members.

The Regional Leadership Team (RLT) provides inspiration, support, and facilitative leadership focused on engaging all Wheaton Franciscans in fostering our life, mission, and charism through the ongoing evolution of the Community. It consists of the regional directress and two team members.  They work together in co-responsibility with the Community in service to the Church and the world.

As a Community, we understand that all roles are evolving. As we journey together, we commit to being contemplative, compassionate, and patient, holding each other in love.

To love one another rightly must be taken seriously by all: to show one another the greatest possible charity in a loving manner – by helping and accepting help; in giving counsel and accepting counsel; through reciprocal favors; through equality in treatment and in all else.

Mother Clara – Founding Constitution p.50

2023 – 2026

With hearts and doors open to the Spirit and each other,
   we embrace our flourishing future.
We trust we will continue to grow in grace and gratitude and
   will be creative and courageous in all we are called to be and do.