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2023 Jubilarian: Sister Audrey Marie Rothweil

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Celebrating 75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Audrey was drawn to the Franciscan community at a young age because of her aunt, Sister M. Concepta. However, she “did not always want to go to the convent,” and her journey to religious life is, in her words, “a story she may one day write.”

Throughout her 75 years of religious life, Sister Audrey served in various ministries, including teaching at several schools, as well as working as a private secretary and general councilor in Rome. She has also served as the executive secretary general for the International Franciscan Conference of TOR and has written the history of the congregation in Rome, Wheaton, and St. Louis.

Despite working in a wide variety of ministries, Sister Audrey could hardly choose a favorite as she found it difficult to leave each one, indicating her passion and dedication to serving others. She wishes to be remembered as a Franciscan and a daughter of Mother Clara, reflecting her deep connection to the Wheaton Franciscan community. Sister Audrey Marie’s 75 years of service in religious life are inspiring, and we wish her joyous felicitations on her Jubilee!

I would like to be remembered as a Franciscan and daughter of Mother Clara.

Sister Audrey

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