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2023 Jubilarian: Sister Shirley Krull

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Celebrating 65 Years of Religious Life

Born and raised in a Franciscan parish of St. Louis, she was attracted to the joyfulness of the Franciscan way of life at an early age. She had the opportunity to interact with Franciscan friars during her school days and even worked in the Franciscan Provincialate office, which further strengthened Sister Shirley’s interest in religious life. In 1958, she joined the Wheaton Franciscans after communicating with Sister Wilma and meeting Sister Hyacinth at St. Anthony Hospital, and in 1966 took her final vows.

Sister Shirley’s favorite ministry was “working with the poor and the black people,” and she had the chance to serve in several places, such as the Inner City in St. Louis, Marian Park in Wheaton, Hope Fair Housing Center, and Zimbabwe, Africa. Reflecting on her ministry work, she is grateful that the community leadership supported her desire to work with the poor.

Sister Shirley’s life is marked by her compassionate nature and her desire to live a loving life.
Throughout her 65 years as a Wheaton Franciscan, Sister Shirley has dedicated herself to serving others and living out the Franciscan values of compassion, humility, and simplicity. Her life is a testament to the importance of following one’s calling and living a life of service to others. Sister Shirley’s story is an inspiration to all those who aspire to live a life of meaning and purpose. Congratulations!

I don’t think about how I would like to be remembered. Maybe I will someday. Now I hope that I live a loving life.

Sister Shirley

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    Sister , you probably don’t remember me but back in the early 70s you let me live in an apt. up front and let my band practice in the basement . For your kindness the band did a concert in the senior’s building down in the lobby . I live there now and am thinking of joining your Church . I was a Pastor at Moody and worked in the inner city till 2011 / we worked on a private grant that had been donated to the Church and when the money ran out and the Proctor of the school left so did I . Since than I have devoted my life to writing music for the Church . I never sign my name to my works and write under a pen name . My work is between myself and God and those who hear it . I refuse to take any money for my music , that to shall be my reward in Heaven . I have never taken credit for any of the music I write and those who request my music do so under an agreement that my name shall remain silent . I think of you often and the effect you had on my early life . It took me some time to come around but I finally made it and I want you to know you did have a hand in my progress . What I remember most about you is your kindness and the respect you showed me in spite of myself . I pray for you and the Sisters every day that God will give you a fresh crop of recruits to keep your work going . CP

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