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2024 Jubilarian: Sister Rose Mary Pint

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Celebrating 65 Years of Religious Life

What attracted you to the Wheaton Franciscans?

“I was taught in grade school by our Franciscan Sisters. Sister Marian Keeven asked me one day if I ever thought about being a Sister. I was surprised by the question and frankly hadn’t considered the possibility for myself. She planted the seed in me that has grown into [65 years] of adventure for me as a Wheaton Franciscan Sister.” 

Share a Highlight of Your Story – 

“My own vocational story is full of gratitude, challenge, and many opportunities to be the best and most I could be as a person and as a Franciscan Sister. My heart is full of gratitude for the profusion of God’s love poured out on me through multiple empowering relationships with laity and with my own Sisters as I have lived these many years in our Franciscan Community. As a small-town girl, it is amazing to me to have grown into executive corporate roles, community leadership jobs, and now companioning roles with our elder Sisters. All has been challenging and delightful.” 

Congratulations Sister Rose Mary, on your 65th Jubilee anniversary! Your years of dedication and service are a testament to your profound faith and love for others. 

How would you like to be remembered?

As a lover of God and people. It would please me to be known as a person with a sense of humor and a great love for life. I try to convey the sacrament of Confirmation to all that I meet by enjoying and affirming their gifts. Christ is the center of my life, my source of strength and joy.

Sister Rose Mary

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