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2024 Jubilarian: Sister Mary Lou Wirtz

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Celebrating 65 Years of Religious Life

From serving as a nurse in Milwaukee and Missouri, to taking on various leadership roles worldwide as a Wheaton Franciscan, Sister Mary Lou is continuing her leadership ministry as our current Regional Directress. When asked what attracted her to the Franciscan way of life, she replied, “Being Franciscan has, I believe, always been a part of me. As far as being attracted to the Wheaton Franciscans, I was definitely influenced by our Sisters who taught at St. Joseph’s in Raymond, Iowa, and who were at St. Francis Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa.” 

What was your favorite ministry? 

“It’s difficult for me to name a favorite ministry, but I would say it was a special time for me when I was able to serve the people in my hometown area as a Pastoral Counselor at St. Francis Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa. There was a sense of re-connecting with them after having been away for so many years. An additional blessing of this time was that of being closer to my family, especially at the time of my Dad’s illness and death.” 

Wishing you a blessed 65th Jubilee! Thank you for your many years of faithful service and for being a beacon of God’s love. 

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as someone who cared about people and brought joy into other’s lives.

Sister Mary Lou

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