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Weavings Reflection: April 2024

Weavings is a monthly reflection that is the collective effort of the Wheaton Franciscan Covenant Companions and Sisters to provide spiritual nourishment that helps us feel God’s presence in daily living and invite an openness to God.

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Spring Peepers

by Jennifer Humecke, Covenant Companion

My residence backs up to a marshland. In early spring each year I am ritualistically provided with a reminder that spring has arrived by the nightly calls of the tiny frogs in the marsh known as “spring peepers.” Spring peepers are named after the sound they make, which sounds like a series of high-pitched peeps or whistles crying out to the world “spring has come!” They are such a joy to hear!

The spring peeper (Pseudacris crucifer) is a small chorus frog widespread throughout the eastern United States and Canada. ‘Crucifer’ is derived from the Latin root meaning “cross-bearing.” This could be a reference to the cross-like pattern on the spring peeper’s dorsal side.

Spring peepers are to the amphibian world what American robins are to the bird world. As their name implies, they begin emitting their familiar sleigh-bell-like chorus right around the beginning of spring. The silence of the long dark winter is gone. The frogs announce this with great fervor.

Spring peepers can allow most of their bodies to freeze during winter hibernation and still survive. Scientists still aren’t sure how frozen frogs can wake up again, but once they thaw out and wake up, most frogs will go through a period of healing before they resume their normal lives.

Spring peepers are a reminder of my own spiritual awakening during the Lenten season. They symbolize renewal and transformation. Their meditative calls evoke peace and tranquility.

These tiniest of creatures together form a nightly chorus to sing to me and remind me that I need to listen in order to hear God’s messages. To me, they are my gift from God to remind me that life goes on and that hope is around the corner. Peep!

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