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2023 Jubilarian: Sister Clare Nyderek

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Celebrating 65 Years of Religious Life

Her journey into religious life started when she was a freshman at the College of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. It was there that she had her first close experience with Catholics and women religious. Wheaton Franciscan Sisters Marian Cronk, fellow Jubilarian Audrey Marie Rothweil, and Francine were also studying at the college and lived next door to Sister Clare in the dormitories. She became friends with them and had the opportunity to visit the Motherhouse. The “kindness, happiness, hospitality, and humanness of the Wheaton Franciscans” drew her in, and she entered the order in 1958.

Sister Clare’s favorite ministry was her time at the mission in Santarem, Brazil. She was touched by the simplicity of life, the closeness of God to the people, and their faith, despite poverty and subsistence living. The people there were always hospitable and willing to share their life, despite having nothing of their own. Sister Clare also cherished her experiences with the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters in all the provinces and regions of their congregation during her service on the General Council.

Her life as a Wheaton Franciscan has been filled with service to God’s people, and she has been drawn to the community by their kindness and the desire to serve others. Her time in Brazil and on the General Council has given her many cherished experiences that she will always treasure. Congratulations to Sister Clare Nyderek on her 65th Jubilee!

I would like to be remembered as a loving, simple sister to all my sisters and all those I meet.

Sister Clare

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