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International Solidarity Days – July 2022

July 11—World Population Day July 11th, World Population Day seeks to raise awareness of issues around world population. The current world population is estimated to be 7.8 billion. The average global life expectancy is now about 72 years. Global population is increasing about 83 million people per year. This continuing strain of earth’s resources threatens all of us unless we seriously strive to live more simply and thus decrease our consumption of resources. Increasing human population densities also expose all of us to increasing risks of pandemics, water shortages, and worsening food production and distribution problems. International cooperation is urgently [...]

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Contact the Senate: Pass Background Checks and Reinstate the Ban on Assault Weapons Now

    Uvalde: AR-15Buffalo: AR-15Boulder: AR-15Orlando: AR-15Parkland: AR-15Las Vegas: AR-15Aurora: AR-15Sandy Hook: AR-15Waffle House: AR-15San Bernardino: AR-15Odessa: AR-15Poway Synagogue: AR-15Sutherland Springs: AR-15Tree of Life Synagogue: AR-15In each of these deadly massacres the AR-15 was purchased legally and, in the case of the last two massacres, by someone not even old enough to legally drink.The assault weapons ban worked.In 1994, under President Clinton, Congress passed a ban on assault rifles and shootings dropped by 43%. After Republicans let the ban expire in 2004, mass shootings increased by 243%.Now, President Biden has called to reinstate the assault weapons ban. He demanded tougher background check [...]

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June Anniversary Post

New Partnerships in Faith Communication Centers For the Wheaton Franciscans, the period of 1968 through 1983 was characterized by new partnerships in faith, life, and ministry. In 1968, the Sisters opened Bridge Communication Center in Wheaton and John XXIII Center in Denver. The Centers were gathering places for prayer and exploration on how to bring the Gospel to the world in more effective ways. This Sisters understood this as a call to meet a new need in this new time.    The Centers were intended to reach out to people of all ages and faiths, especially the young, [...]

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International Solidarity Days – June 2022

June 5—World Environment DayCelebrated in 100 countries, the UN’s World Environment Day calls all citizens of the world to raise awareness about the care of Earth.  Further, it is a day to foster action to protect the environment.  Earth is our mother.  She sustains and protects us and all life on our planet.  Sweden will host the World Environment Celebrations on June 5th. The theme is “Only One Earth: Living Sustainably With Nature.”  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 United Nations Conference on Human Environment.  Today, earth is at a crossroads. Each of us and all of us [...]

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