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Peacemaking and Cease-Fire Efforts in Gaza

From Sr. Bea Hernandez, JPIC Coordinator:

Sister Sheila in Rome recently sent me a very compelling article about the need for an end to the violence in Gaza, and an initiation of serious efforts at non-violent peacemaking. Please read “It is time for US Catholics to take significant risks for Gaza” from the National Catholic Reporter.

She also mentioned the Franciscan Action Network’s (FAN) efforts toward getting the US government to change course and support a permanent ceasefire, as well as lead the way to seriously embark on non-violent peacemaking efforts. To learn more about FAN’s efforts, read Christians for Ceasefire Lenten Campaign

Most of us cannot travel to Washington DC to take part in their actions, but we can contact our representatives and senators and President Biden urging them to act in support of non-violent action that can bring about a lasting peace. We can all pray and act in our own small way. 

Peace and blessings ~ Sister Bea

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