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Weavings Reflection: February 2023

A Poet’s Prayer

By Georgene L. Wilson, OSF, D. Min.

Poetry is a SYMBOLIC language!!!!

The entomology of the word SYMBOLIC is: “SYM”, like symmetry, means “together”— “BOLIC” means “to throw”.

A poem is an offering of words and mystery inviting one into wholeness or to be at ONE with the energy of the words weaving an insight of the poet with the reader, or an offering of communion (common union).

The antonym or opposite of the word “symbolic” is “diabolic”, meaning to throw apart, to make divisions.

Jesus walked earth as a poet in the lineage of the Trinity: One Love, One Loving, One Lover: Always ONE! He invited all to be One in the perpetual breath of a common union, communion.

It is in this grounding that I share a bit of my poetry with you.

Prayer for RENEW

God of Graciousness,
Compassion And Harmony,
You Are Our God,
We Are Your People,
Renew us… The Face of the Earth.

Root Us In You,
So That Together We Might Reveal
Your Graciousness To All The Earth.

Root Us In You,
So That Together We Might Share
Your Compassion With All The Earth.

Root Us In You,
So That Together We Might Carry
Your Harmony Throughout
All The Earth.

God Of All Life, Send Us Your Spirit.
Renew Your Promise
That You Are Our God And We Are Your People.
Now And Forever. Amen.


Once, perhaps,
Life began—

as a silent is-ing,
as Wisdom’s ever present breath, as Lover’s whispering,
as a common union of diversity’s pleasures,
and as an ever-pregnant love continually birthing from Original Womb.
“OURS” was its essence!

Then, perhaps,
In some ancient past after the beginning,
Some human creatures organized religions that grasped—

at a rational life void of relational energy,
at a “now declared” only reason to be, and
at only one correct way of relating to Creator and Creature

“MINE” was its essence.

The kin-dom of ‘Ours’ has been violated.
The kingdom of ‘Mine’ has been deified.
Original sin?

Can we, in this NOW,
Reimagine our Original Communion with Creator and Creature?

3 thoughts on “Weavings Reflection: February 2023”

  1. Avatar

    Sr. Georgene Wilson’s poetry resonates deeply with me. She expresses some of the deepest faith principles, especially that we are one, that we belong to each other. Love, Unity, Oneness, Trinity…the Life of God/

  2. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your beauty Georgene. Your poem “Reimaging” is particularly valuable. It touches on why joining the community for an hour for mass can be so refreshing. “Ours” not “Mine” comes especially alive when one of the women co-presides.
    One of the special benefits of being in a small fishing town in Mexico is seeing people living in what “we” characterize as poverty living an “ours” lifestyle. They aren’t “Reimaging” it, it’s their reality. Simpler. Friendlier. Neighborly. Community. Reverence. Sharing. Celebrating. Honoring. Family.
    It’s Americanizing slowly. That’s both a blessing and a curse.
    Please keep creating & sharing, Georgene.

    (Here’s a graph of “Reimagining”)


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