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December 2022 Collaborator: Other Purposes

Through prayer, relationship-building and sharing of resources, the Wheaton Franciscans collaborate with organizations whose mission and priorities are similar to ours. We focus primarily on the following areas: care of creation; health and dental in underserved areas; refugees and immigrants; women and children in vulnerable situations; and other purposes that align with our values. We are currently connected to nearly 100 organizations.

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Uganda Episcopal Conference
(Uganda Catholic Secretariat)

Kampala, Uganda

In 2020 John Paul II Justice & Peace Centre (JPIIJPC) in partnership with the Uganda Episcopal Conference (Uganda Catholic Secretariat) started the implementation of a project, titled “Combating Human Trafficking in Uganda.” The project aims to combat human trafficking and any form of slavery in Uganda. It addresses the various human trafficking challenges and provides an opportunity for the Catholic Church in Uganda to participate more constructively and in a coordinated manner in the struggle against human trafficking. The implementation of a program for prevention and combatting of the human trafficking in Uganda raises awareness regarding the ongoing social evil, advocates for improved legislation and helps the victims to receive justice.

For it is in giving that we receive.

St. Francis of Assisi

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