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2022 Journey of Lent – Week 6

As we begin Holy Week, we reflect on our commitment to

collaboration with others who desire to create healthy and safe communities where all God’s creation can thrive.

When Pope Francis proclaimed Laudato Si’ in May 2015, he called “on all people of good will to take care of the Earth, which is our common home.”  In May 2021, Pope Francis invited “everyone to tackle this journey together.” In particular, he invited families, churches, schools, hospitals, businesses, organizations, groups, and religious institutes to work together, noting “only in this way will we be able to create the future we want: a more inclusive, fraternal, peaceful and sustainable world.”

The Laudato Si” Action Platform statement proclaimed by the Wheaton Franciscan community does not belong to the Sisters. It is a call for “all people of good will” to join in a commitment to create a flourishing future for all. Collaboration is not easy. Successful collaboration requires a cooperative spirit and mutual respect. Collaboration skills include deep listening; recognizing and detaching from strong emotions when needed; curiosity and an open heart; sensitivity to different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds; vulnerability; and willingness to take risks.

Pope Francis said:

“There is hope. We can all collaborate, each with their own culture and experience, each with their own initiatives and abilities so that our mother Earth returns to its original beauty and creation returns to shine according to God’s plan.”

As we enter Holy Week may our hearts and minds be open to the call for collaboration for the sake of a flourishing future for all of God’s creation.

A Grounded Faith Reconnecting with Creator and Creation in the Season of Lent ©2022 by EcoFaith Recovery – Kindle Edition
Haudenosaunee Confederacy Values
Wheaton Franciscan Laudato Si’ Action Platform

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