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2024 Jubilarian: Sister Alana Gorski

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Celebrating 40 Years of Religious Life

When asked what attracted her to the Wheaton Franciscans and religious life, Sister Alana had this to say:

“In 1981, I visited The Christine Center over Labor Day weekend and met [Sisters] Virginia Mary Barta, Josine Doering, Theresa Langfield, and Pat Norton. Pat kept in contact with me over the next few years. Eventually, I became a Covenant Member on September 17, 1983. While attending the 1984 Chapter, I saw the spirit of the Sisters through the ministry of Wheaton Franciscan Services, Inc. I wanted ‘more’ so I became an Associate in the Community. For me,

the ‘more’ has become the gift of relationships with God, St. Francis, St. Clare, Mother Clara, my Sisters, and the people of God.”

After entering religious life in 1984, Sister Alana contributed her time and skills to housing ministries mainly in Milwaukee, WI. Her favorite work within that area was as a Housing Counselor. She found it “exciting to walk with first-time buyers from the dreaming stage to actually crossing the threshold into their very first home of ownership.” Sister Alana lived and served in Arizona during the early 2000s. In 2012 she was elected to serve on the Provincial Council. She served in this capacity until 2016. 

We wish you a joy-filled Jubilee year!

How would you like to be remembered?

A woman who is on a quest to the Divine.

Sister Alana

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