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Blessings from Nov & Dec 2023

We give thanks for the immense blessings within our community during November and early December.

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Associate Recognition LuncheonNovember 8

On November 8, we honored the amazing team of OLA Associates who work tirelessly alongside the Sisters to create a welcoming campus for everyone. The Associate Recognition Luncheon included the presentation of awards recognizing 13 wonderful individuals celebrating milestone service anniversaries at Our Lady of the Angels. The years of service honored ranged from 5 to 40!

Religious Formation Conference Keynote- Communal Listening and SharingNov 10th & 11th

Sisters, Covenant Companions, and guests gathered in the Jubilee Room to listen to the keynote address offered by Cardinal Robert McElroy at the Religious Formation Conference Biennial Congress. Cardinal McElroy has recently returned from the Synod gathering in Rome and spoke on Synodality and Religious Life: The Call to Renewal and Witness. The group gathered shared insights and experiences following the presentation. A session was also held on November 11 to hear from a panel on “navigating intergenerational challenges and opportunities in religious life.”

Autumn in the St. Clare Garden

The first Autumn in the completed St. Clare Garden was a sight to behold in November! Visitors enjoyed a stunning display of natural beauty while strolling through the garden, with the leaves turning vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. We can’t wait to see what beauty Winter will bring to the garden!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

This November, we had the good fortune to witness the spirit of kindness within our Community during our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. This year, two vanloads of groceries and more than $1,4200 in cash and gift cards were donated to help patrons of the Neighborhood Food Pantry prepare Thanksgiving dinner for their families. We are deeply grateful for the love and generosity of our faith and friends community.

Kickapoo Corn Harvest

We had another wonderful harvest of our Kickapoo Corn! In late November 148 ears of corn were sent to the Kickapoo nation. We are grateful to be blessed with land suitable for this sacred corn and thank God for the rain, sun, and heat to grow the corn and for the volunteers who helped plant, water, and nurture its growth.

Q’ero Presentation and Thanksgiving Blessing – November 28

On Tuesday, November 28, the Wheaton Franciscans welcomed Q’ero Nation elders from the Andes Mountains in Peru. Sharing stories from their village, the Q’ero taught our community about their traditions and healing, then shared a blessing with everyone. What a unique and interesting experience!

Covenant Companion Ceremony – December 10

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, the Wheaton Franciscan community joyfully welcomed seven new Covenant Companions and celebrated the 40th anniversary of Covenant Companionship. The Covenant Commitment ceremony took place during the celebration of Mass. Our Lady of the Angels chapel was brimming with Sisters, Covenant Companions, family and friends, and our faith community. We invite you to learn more about them and view the photos from the ceremony in our Covenant Companion Ceremony 2023 post.

OLA Christmas Party – December 13

Holiday cheer overflowed at this year’s Our Lady of the Angels Christmas Party! Sisters and Associates gathered in festive fellowship to enjoy a delicious meal, jovial conversation, reindeer games, and a visit from Santa!


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