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Blessings from Sept & Oct 2023

The blessings of September and October were abundant! The Season of Creation brought out the best in our community and was a season of change with the introduction of a new leadership team. In October we gathered for Feast Days, Fire Appreciation Day, and a Reception to Postulancy. What wonderful moments and memories we’ve shared the last two months!

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation was a joyful and meaningful experience this year. Attendees at Sunday Mass had the opportunity to listen to guest speakers reflect on various causes related to the Care of Creation. We also shared inspirational prayer videos online each week.

We were blessed with a concert in the St. Clare Garden by John Niemet, and a presentation by Kay McKeen, founder of S.C.A.R.C.E.

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We came together to support our immigrant brothers and sisters in Chicago during the Immigrant Rapid Response Donation Drive. The open and generous hearts of our Community left us feeling humbled and grateful.

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The Regional Assembly

Beginning with the arrival of our General Council, the Wheaton Franciscan Community gathered in mid-September for the Regional Assembly to discern new leadership. On September 23, we joyfully introduced our new Regional Leadership Team, welcoming them into their new roles and thanking our former leaders for their hard work over the last four years.

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October Feast Days

We entered October in spiritual reverence as our Franciscan Community celebrated three important Feast Days: Transitus, the Feast of St. Francis, and the Feast of Mother Clara. Furthermore, Sister Georgene shared a wonderful poem in honor of St. Francis titled “Francis: The Troubador of Goodness.”

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Even More October Blessings

Along with the Feast Days, we celebrated Covenant Companion Paige Samdal’s Reception to Postulancy. Our local Sisters and Associates also had the opportunity to learn about fire safety from the Winfield Fire Protection District. They reviewed fire protocols, the various roles their firefighters perform, and showed everyone their equipment and truck. We are grateful for the life-saving work they do in our communities!

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