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Blessings from August 2023

August sure kept us on our toes with a whirlwind of events and happenings! From celebrating various Feast Days to diving into the insightful Franciscan Day of Reflection, we had many moments of faith and fun. Plus, we have an exciting addition to our community with the arrival of Sisters Imeldine and Auxiline from Indonesia!

We savored chilly treats at the delightful ice cream social, where associates and Sisters cooled off with popsicles and sundaes on a scorching August afternoon. On top of all that, we’re thrilled to showcase the stunning new St. Clare Garden and give you an update on the growth of the Sacred Kickapoo Corn. So, grab your virtual walking shoes as we take you through the snapshots of these unforgettable August moments!

Feast Day Celebrations

First, August unfolded as a month of faith and Feast Days, including the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Adding to the richness of the season, we were privileged to have Father John Petrikovic preside over the Feast of St. Clare and Sunday Mass on August 13th.

Time for Togetherness

At the beginning of August we welcomed Sister Imeldine Pasaribu and Sister Auxiline Pakpahan from the Indonesian Province of the Franciscan Sisters: Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary! They are here “to learn more about our congregational spirituality by way of living with our Sisters, learning our cultural differences, and developing their English language skills to be able to further widen our international congregational communication.”

In addition, two Sisters and a Covenant Companion attended the LCWR Assembly in Dallas, Texas. The theme for 2023 was “Drawn By Sacred Mystery: A Journey Into Hope. It was inspiring and educational experience for all who attended!

On August 12, Sisters and community members gathered for a Franciscan Day of Reflection! We learned about the extraordinarily ordinary human lives of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi from Capuchin Franciscan Friar Father John Petrikovic. Thus, it was day of learning, insight, and connection!

On one of the hottest days of 2023, we were blessed with a visit from the Ice Cream Truck! Sisters and associates gathered inside (as per the heat warnings), ice cream in hand, for an end of summer treat and togetherness.

Glorious Gardens

Moving past the peak of summer and into the slowly shortening days of August, we continue to enjoy the beautiful blooms and serene setting of the new St. Clare Garden. Community members participated in a self-guided Labyrinth Walk after mass on the 13th, and the garden is a peaceful sight each day on campus.

In their second year on campus, the Sacred Kickapoo Corn stalks have grown tall and very green. We look forward to the coming harvest in Autumn!


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