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Sign On: Pass the People Over Pentagon Act

An Advocacy Opportunity

From Sr. Bea Hernandez, JPIC Coordinator:

In the budget process last year, Congress actually gave the Pentagon nearly $25 billion dollars more than was requested in the proposed Biden Administration budget proposal.  Yet, Congress now wants to cut projects that benefit the most needed of our people in order to “address the federal debt.” It is time for us to tell all our Representatives and Senators to prioritize people over the Pentagon. Even the Federal General Accounting Office (GAO) recently issued a report saying that 1 trillion dollars could be cut from the Pentagon budget over the next 10 years without any significant effect on our national security. That means $100 billion dollars per year—with no effect on our security!  Please click the button below and consider signing your support for the Passage of the People Over Pentagon Act.

Peace & Blessings

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