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Take action to ensure enforcement of the Clean Air Act

The Supreme Court just announced a shocking decision that attacks the EPA, undermines the bipartisan Clean Air Act, and sets a dangerous precedent that could severely inhibit the federal government’s ability to act in the public interest.

The Clean Air Act really matters. It has allowed the EPA to prevent mass pollution and provided an important tool to protect Black, Brown, Indigenous, and frontline communities that bear the worst impacts of pollution and climate change.

We need a nationwide grassroots mobilization to fight back: Sign our emergency rapid response petition to tell our leaders that we will not accept this assault on our future.

Sign the Petition

The good news (even though it’s hard to see right now) is that Congress still has the power to do what the Court will not, which is why we’re calling on them to swiftly pass a reconciliation bill that makes major investments in clean energy and environmental justice. It’s a move that would rapidly accelerate a just transition to a clean energy future and help protect the climate for our families and communities.

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