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Community Response to Recent Shootings

Stop Gun Violence

The Wheaton Franciscans condemn the violence in the United States that continues to take innocent lives. In a week that numbs the soul, we recognize that the shooting in Boulder, Colorado, was the seventh mass shooting in seven days resulting in a total of 40 deaths in one week. Gun violence in total takes 40,000 lives per year in the United States.

We pray for all of the victims and the families of this senseless violence, yet prayers are not enough. We also implore lawmakers to act courageously and immediately to pass meaningful legislation to control access to guns, especially automatic weapons; to address racism and the growing number of race-related crimes; and to increase the availability of the mental health support so many desperately need.

Let us humbly pray and boldly act to be a blessing in the heart of the world.

March 2021

Wheaton Franciscan Vision Prayer

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