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Remembering Our Sisters Who Have Gone Before Us

The Transitus of St. Francis is celebrated by Franciscans around the world as it marks Francis’ “passage from death into new life”, the literal meaning of the word Transitus in Latin. The evening ritual held on October 3, usually consists of readings of Francis’ death. During the service, one has the experience of being with a beloved as they die. In a death-denying society, during a time when one needs to sign legal documents to not have medical technology intervene to keep a body technically alive, it is quite a welcomed change. It returns us to the reality that death is a part of each of our lives. St. Francis called death, Sister Death.

As a Wheaton Franciscan community, we used to go to the cemetery on October 3 to bless and remember our deceased Sisters. As we aged, we ceased the practice. We invite you to a virtual visit to Assumption Cemetery to visit and remember our sisters who have gone before us. We also remember our sisters who died while serving on mission in other towns and cities.


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