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Welcome To Three New Covenant Companions

By Mary Ellen Durbin, Covenant Companion

On December 8, 2019, the Wheaton Franciscan Community welcomed three new Covenant Companions.  Pat Faivre, Paige Samdal, and Vicki Wojciechowski made their commitment as Covenant Companions at a Sunday Liturgy, in the presence of 83 family members, friends, vowed members and Covenant Companions, as well as over 100 faith community members.

The new Covenant Companions were received into the community by Sr. Melanie Paradis, OSF, Provincial Directress of the Wheaton Franciscans.  Each publicly proclaimed their personal covenants and then signed their covenants, along with Sr. Melanie, who represented the Wheaton Franciscan community. All vowed members and Covenant Companions present affirmed the three new companions and pledged to support each of them on their spiritual journey.

The Commitment Ceremony was preceded by a two-year spiritual journey in the Exploring Franciscan Way of Life program. In addition, the prospective Covenant Companions attended three Orientation sessions specific to Covenant Companionship and living as Wheaton Franciscan within our international congregation.  All of these sessions were led by Jeanne Connolly, Director of Mission and Charism. Members of the Covenant Companionship Leadership Circle (CCLC) participated in the Orientation sessions to support the prospective Covenant Companions.

Following the commitments of the three new Covenant Companions, all Covenant Companions present reaffirmed their covenant with the Wheaton Franciscans.

The liturgy was officiated by Fr. Philip Horrigan, chaplain. The liturgy and ceremony were followed by a reception in the Piazza (Sisters’ Dining Room).

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