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Honoring Sr. Jane Ann Kiefer

We extend our congratulations to Sr. Jane Ann Kiefer who recently was honored as a Nominee for an award at the Zonta Women of Achievement celebration and luncheon on Friday, November 15th which took place in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Zonta is an international service organization of business and professional women working together to empower women through service and advocacy at the local, state, and international level. The Women of Achievement (WOA) luncheon honors the significant contributions of women for their dedication and commitment to the region and their professions. 

Featured Profile as a Zonta Award Nominee:

Sister Jane Kiefer began her ministry at Saint Francis Medical Center in 1976 and established the Social Services Department while administering at the hospital.  In 1985 she transferred to the Pastoral Care Department as a chaplain where she remained until her retirement in 1998. Sister Jane celebrated 70 years as a Franciscan Sister in 2018.  Saint Francis created an award in her honor to be given annually to a colleague/physician that epitomizes the mission and ministry of Saint Francis.  She feels the biggest challenge facing women today is the truth about all things so that we may make good decisions about our life, our family and all that concerns us.”

Featured Article in the Celebration Bulletin:

Woman of Achievement Nominee

“What we do with our life will make a difference for those who come after us.” This quote is a profound motivational message that has inspired many individuals who have the privilege of knowing and loving Sister Jane Kiefer, OSF.

Sister Jane continues to leave a legacy through her work at Saint Francis. One of the biggest opportunities to empower women began as she implemented the medical social work program at Saint Francis Medical Center in 1976. Before 1976, this type of program did not exist in the area and this program paved the way for extraordinary ways to advocate for the patients of Saint Francis Medical Center.

The most important people in Sisters Jane’s life have been The Sisters from Germany who came to the United States in 1872. These Sisters arrived first in St. Louis and eventually found their way to Cape Girardeau in 1875. Sister Jane says that “We should always be thankful for those who came before us who showed us the way and gave us what we have today.”

Sister Jane encourages all of us to make good decisions about our lives, family, faith and all that concerns us. She states, “Life is not easy so we need to be firm in our way of life and how we treat others. We know that life can be filled with many challenges, trials and tribulations, some of us have more than others. No matter what vocation we have chosen, each vocation has its own trials. How we look at things and face them with the truth we own will be the best tools we can have for ourselves.”

But, if she had only one piece of advice to offer, Sister Jane says this is most important, “Follow the Lord and His words because He is always present to us and hears our prayers.”

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