A Conversation grounded in Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti

Antidote to social distancing!

FREE! 9 Monthly on-line Conversations to connect, nurture and celebrate our life as brothers and sisters, all.

Hosted by Ss. Bea Hernandez, Shirley Krull, Gabriele Uhlein, and CC Jeanne Connolly.

All are Welcome!

All Wheaton Franciscans, Associates, Friends, and any other interested persons are invited to join in contemplative conversation using the new encyclical as our anchor. We will share, pray, and explore together. Above all, we will savor deep connection and good company as we stretch into the most important healing conversation of our time:

our relationships in love, to one another.



Dates and Times

Choose one a month. The conversations will be offered twice each month so as many as possible can join us.
Come on Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 – 8:00pm or the following Saturday morning, from 10:00 – 11:30am.

January 12, 6:30pm or January 16, 10:00am

February 16, 6:30pm or February 20, 10:00am

March 16, 6:30pm or March 20, 10:00am

April 13, 6:30pm or April 17, 10:00am

May 11, 6:30pm or May 15, 10:00am

June 15, 6:30pm or June 19, 10:00am

July 13, 6:30pm or July 17, 10:00am

August 17, 6:30pm or August 21, 10:00am

September 7, 6:30pm or September 11, 10:00am

There is no fee for these conversations. They are offered in the spirit of our new Community Vision Prayer: to be a presence of peace and reconciliation in our world. We invite all who wish to join the Wheaton Franciscans in this great time of need. We can offer each other no greater gift. It is our contribution to help the Soul of our country heal.

This contemplative conversation will take place over Zoom. Advance registration is required to secure the Zoom link. Please register using the link below by Tuesday, January 5, 2021.



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