December 1, 1928 – June 30, 2021



Funeral Mass

Monday, July 5, 2021
Service Begins at 10:30 AM
via Livestream

Visitation (Public)

Monday, July 5, 2021
4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. CDT
Our Lady of The Angels Chapel Entrance #7
Wheaton, Illinois


Assumption Cemetery
Winfield, Illinois


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Sister Pauline Langfield’s desire was “to be remembered as a prayerful, kind, generous, thoughtful and loving person.”  She also hoped that “her sense of humor helped others in some way.”  And so it is that we, her Wheaton Franciscan Community, her family members, and her many friends do remember her love and goodness among us; She now breathes fully in infinite love!  We will always sense her presence among us with deep gratitude and joy!

She was born of Bertha Sedlmayer and Edward Langfield on December 1, 1928 in Denver, CO and named Theresa Rose.  On December 9th she was baptized into Christ at St. Rose of Lima Parish, where she would also receive her first communion and confirmation.  She grew in love and age and grace among her siblings of 3 sisters and 4 brothers and many relatives, some of whom were already members of the Wheaton Francian Sisters and other religious communities.  She said that it was all of these relationships that attracted her to religious life.

Theresa Rose entered the Wheaton Franciscans in 1947, professed first vows in 1950 and final vows in 1953.  Besides her ministry of humor, she also served as teacher, sacristan, musician, piano teacher and choir director.  Her many ministries among the Wheaton Franciscans included junior mistress, local directress of Our Lady of the Angels, organist, choir directress and coordinator of OLA hospitality and décor.

Once, when asked what her most enjoyable ministry had been, she recalled her first mission of teaching in Raymond, Iowa – she surprised herself when she said this, but thought that it was so because of the fine, faithful and simple parish community folk.  Their goodness grew her to be so as she served in wisdom throughout her life!

“Well Done Good and Faithful Woman of God!”


Sr. Pauline loved and cared for the fish and aquarium. She loved her fish and would always engage visitors in their ways!

 Sr. Pauline loved flowers and gardening. She was an avid gardener and, as long as she was able, she would pick out her flowers, help plant them, and water them in the evenings all season long. 

Sr. Pauline enjoyed doing ceramics and often made her own decorations or displayed decorations that other sisters made. She would change the window sills seasonally. As time went on, Sr. Pauline would continue with her decorating with the help of Cheryl Ward until Cheryl took over these wonderful traditions totally. The decorating always gave the motherhouse a homey feel and appeal. These duties included seasonally decorating the window sills, attending to in-house plants and flowers, outside flowers and plants,  and other seasonal displays throughout the motherhouse. How grateful we all are for the beauty, the flavor of the season, and the joy and delight of these touches!!! 

Sr. Pauline was the long-term organist and pianist for the motherhouse sisters. She also enriched the liturgies through her long service as a liturgist.