“Our beloved sister in heart and the Kelly family’s beloved wife and mother and grandmother, Covenant Companion Laurette Kelly, has been breathed into the infinity by our God….now the union she always longed for. Laurette died around 10:40 p.m. on Thursday, September 12, 2019. -Sr. Georgene L. Wilson




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Laurette Kelly read the Course of Miracles in the 1980s and it changed her life. She was married, the mother of eight children, and licensed practical nurse. Suddenly, she knew that God was total love and mercy. She had met Sr. Georgene through Christian Family Camp where she took her family every year. Georgene was a spiritual director to Laurette and a life-long friend. Georgene suggested Laurette take some courses offered at the time by Sr. Virginia Mary and Sr. Diane Przyborowski. Through these classes, through the other participants and through the Sisters, Laurette continued to embrace the God of love. Laurette became a Covenant Member with the first group of men and women called to this new way of life through the Wheaton Franciscans in September 1983.  

Laurette continued to share her God of love through loving service to people less fortunate than she when she moved to Florida with her husband to retire. She was a volunteer for Elmer’s Table (a program of feeding people who were homeless), a Eucharistic Minister through the parish, a volunteer for “Give Kids the World” for children with catastrophic illnesses and  a fund-raiser for a priest in Florida who had an orphanage in the Congo. Laurette also felt at home with the Wheaton Franciscans and would visit whenever she was able. 

Left: Ss. Margaret Grempka, Rose Mary Pint, and CC Laurette Kelly

Covenant Members: Carol Sierakowski, Laurette Kelly, Gwen Hudetz and Barbara Garceau

Left Standing: Trish Villarreal, Laurette Kelly, Chris Reid, Martha Delegorto, (seated) Fran Glowinski, Margaret Grempka, Jean Ford

From Left: Ss. Alice Drewek, Diane Przyborowski, Laurette Kelly

Covenant Members: (standing from left) Joan Goblet, Tanya Risner, Carol Piotrowski, Laurette Kelly, Gwen Hudtz, (sitting) Ann Kuhn, Joyce Wehrli, Alice Carroll

2008 – 25th Anniversary of Covenant Membership with the Wheaton Franciscans

Original members from left: Carol Sejda, Laurette Kelly, Gwen Hudetz, Sr. Bea Hernandez


Memorial Ritual and Mass was held: 

Sunday, October 13th

Memorial Ritual was at 1:30 PM

Eucharistic Liturgy was at 2:00 PM


Service was held at Our Lady of the Angels Chapel:

26w171 Roosevelt Rd. 
Entrance #5
Wheaton, IL 60187