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The International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) is significant because it is a platform to spread awareness about Natural Disaster, their different categories, consequences and the methods to curb natural disasters. It is a day when individuals and governments evaluate how each can reduce the risk of natural disasters and address response preparedness. Each local area faces different threats of natural disasters, and responses must be tailored to the specific locale. Infrastructure projects to lessen the damages from earthquakes, tornadoes, tropical storms, and tsunamis continue to be needed in many parts of the world. With sea level rise and increases in coastal flooding around the world, innovative solutions to protect coast lines, as well as moving people away from flood-prone areas is essential. The ability to better predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also lead to less loss of life and quicker responses to these events. Although natural disasters cannot be totally prevented, this day reminds us that there is much we can do to lessen their impacts and to protect lives.

Holy one, how wonderful are your works of nature! We know that we are called to live in harmony with nature and to recognize our place within the web of life. May we always put life and protection of nature ahead of economic and commercial concerns as we seek to prevent, mitigate and respond to natural disasters. May we come together with generosity and solidarity to help those who suffer from natural disasters, helping them and all of us to live life filled with hope and love.