Toward a Flourishing Future

Haikus – Part 2 of 2

by Mary Ellen Durbin, Covenant Companion

I have practiced daily meditation for more than 35 years. The following haikus came from insights gained through contemplation…

Sanctify the world

With your ordinary life

And your awareness.


Somewhere deep within,

The bush continues to burn.

This is holy ground.


The seeds of a greater

Journey are waiting in

Everything around us.

Sometimes, we need

To step back, in order to find

 A way to return.

We belong to Life,

And to all who’ve ever lived.

Transforming Kinship.  


 Everything is grace

In this Christ-soaked universe!

And all of it… Love!

There is always light

If only we’re brave enough

To see it. To be it.


What does it feel like

To be a guest in a world

That I did not create?

Imagine a world

That is free from racism,

Free from “other-ing.”  


 To be awakened, we are

Without our asking

Sometimes awakened.

We are connected

In one global family.

There is no “them”.


When did you find out

That the God you claimed was yours

Was Everyone’s God?

Our future depends

On the faith

 That we are all in this together.