September 2022 Weavings Reflection

This Reflection Has Gone to the Dogs... and Cats... and Birds!Part 1: Wheaton Franciscan Pooches Wheaton Franciscans have a long history of sharing their lives with dear animal and bird companions. Because of Francis's affinity for the natural world and the creatures in it, we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate what has been gleaned from the animals that have graced the homes and lives of Wheaton Franciscans. Please consider these stories of pets that have enhanced the lives of Wheaton Franciscans. The first part focuses on dog companions and next month will have tales of cats and [...]

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August 2022 Weavings Reflection

A Call To Serveby Naomi Hroncich, Covenant Companion I live in a Retirement Community in Geneva, Illinois. In the early phase of the Pandemic, I realized that many residents lived alone and were isolated from family and friends, and I wanted to do something about that.My experience as a Parish Nurse and Hospice Chaplain with clinical pastoral experience led me to reach out to my fellow independent residents during the different phases of the Pandemic.In September 2020, a proposal was developed and presented to management. A Volunteer Outreach Program was launched and sponsored by the Resident Council. The purpose [...]

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