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International Solidarity Days – December 2021

December 1 - World AIDs DayDecember 1, 2021 marks the 33rd global World AIDS Day to raise awareness about the continued AIDS pandemic. This year’s theme is “End Inequalities—End AIDS”. Catholic Social Teaching calls us to recognize and  celebrate the human dignity and worth of every person.  Stigma, discrimination, and criminalization of key at risk populations must be addressed and eliminated if we are to end this AIDS pandemic. Gender inequalities have also contributed to the increase in HIV infections among women and girls. Every week, about 5000 young women aged 15-24 become infected with HIV. Worldwide, about 35% of [...]

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National Black Sisters’ Conference on USCCB head Gómez’ speech against social justice movements

Statement: National Black Sisters' Conference on USCCB head Gómez' speech against social justice movementsA comment from Sr. Bea Hernandez, JPIC Coordinator:This is a response from the National Black Sisters’ Conference to the USCCB President Archbishop Gomez’ recent speech against social justice movements.  I think that their letter is a thoughtful and challenging one that we all need to be aware of.  Let us all stand in solidarity with those that are too often relegated to the margins of society and take action to change the persistent systemic injustices that tear at the fabric of society.Read the Statement [...]

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Faith Leader Letter Regarding a White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Hunger, and Health Post

Faith Leader Letter Regarding a White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, Hunger, and Health“Hunger is a political condition. We have the food, resources, knowledge, infrastructure; we have everything to end it but we haven’t had the political will,” Rep. Jim McGovern, U.S. House of Representatives.On October 26, 2021, U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Mike Braun (R-IN) and U.S. Representatives James P. McGovern (D-MA) and Jackie Walorski (R-IN) introduced S. 3064/ H.R. 5724 - a bipartisan, bicameral bill that would convene a second national White House conference on food, nutrition, hunger, and health. The first such conference occurred just over 50 years ago, culminating [...]

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Indian Boarding School Policies Advocacy Post

 Support the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School PoliciesLast week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA), Rep. Sharice Davids (KS-3), and Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4) reintroduced a bill to create a Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies in the United States. It is way past time that the United States and the faith community acknowledge the historic trauma of the Indian boarding school era. Now is the time for us to raise our voices and work with tribal nations to get this legislation passed into law.In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Christian churches collaborated with the [...]

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Seafarers Petition Advocacy Post

Sign the Petition to Walmart to Protect Seafarers“The $14 trillion shipping industry, responsible for 90% of world trade, has left in its wake what appears to be a record number of cargo-ship castaways. Abandonment cases are counted when shipowners fail to pay crews two or more months in wages or don’t cover the cost to send crew members home, according to the International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency.”  The link below is for you to consider signing a petition sponsored by LCWR and the Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking (CCOAHT)’s petition urging Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, to acknowledge [...]

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NETWORK Advocacy Post

Take Action with NETWORKTell the House to Support a Bold Build Back Better Package. Call 888-738-3058!Call your Representative at 888-738-3058 and tell them to support a Bold Build Back Better planWrite a Letter to the Editor in Support of the Build Back Better PlanLetters to the Editor are widely read local content and Members of Congress pay attention to them! Show your support for the policies included in President Biden’s Build Back Better plan. Find a step by step guide to write your letter to the editor about Build Back Better here. 

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International Solidarity Days – November 2021

November 10th: World Science Day for Peace and DevelopmentThe World Science Day for Peace and Development calls attention to the critical role that science plays in helping us to better understand planet Earth, our common home.  This day also honors science’s role in  creating sustainable development through international cooperation, education and implementation for the common good.  The current corona virus pandemic has certainly demonstrated how quickly science can respond to global crises.  In just a little over a year, cooperative international research was able to result in rapid development and testing of a vaccine to protect populations across the globe.  [...]

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The Founding of Our Congregation Mother Clara worked in tandem with Bishop Conrad Martin to form a new order of women religious dedicated to prayer and caring for orphans while following the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi. On October 30, 1860, Bishop Martin approved Mother Clara’s Founding Constitution and thus begins the first big step on our journey toward the founding of the Wheaton Franciscans.    The Kulturkampf and Branching Out In addition to childcare, Mother Clara and [...]


Global Solidarity – October 2021

International Solidarity Days-October 2021October 1—International Day for Older PersonsInternational Day for Older Persons is celebrated on October 1st. This day was initiated by the United Nations in 1990 to honor the efforts of the elderly and the value they bring to society.  The theme for this year is “Digital Equality for All Ages.”  We recognize that access to information and participation in digital communication is essential for all ages, but especially for the elderly.  Too often, the elderly find themselves isolated from family and friends due to various physical limitations.  Digital communication, especially at this time of the covid-19 pandemic, [...]

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JPIC Office Reflecting on the Events of 9/11/2001

Today (September 11, 2021) is a special day of reflection, not only on the events that happened on this day 20 years ago, but on the devastating actions and reactions that have happened since then and how these choices have changed our world. We recall that for a brief time after the violent attacks of 9/11, the world was united in solidarity and empathy for the victims and for our country. But the United States chose to respond with retaliation and revenge, which led to more violence and to wars that claimed thousands of innocent victims. On [...]

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