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Education Ministry – Early Years Click to Enlarge In her history of the Wheaton Franciscans, Hearts Inflamed, Prudence Moylan writes, “Right from the start the Sisters had to choose, among many opportunities, what work they would do and where they would do it.” There were always more needs than the Sisters were able to meet. They focused their work on the guidance of Mother Clara “to educate children, especially orphans, to care for the sick, poor,” and “any manner of loving service for which the Lord gives them opportunity.” (Founding constitution)  In 1875, Father Theodore [...]


August 2022 Weavings Reflection

A Call To Serveby Naomi Hroncich, Covenant Companion I live in a Retirement Community in Geneva, Illinois. In the early phase of the Pandemic, I realized that many residents lived alone and were isolated from family and friends, and I wanted to do something about that.My experience as a Parish Nurse and Hospice Chaplain with clinical pastoral experience led me to reach out to my fellow independent residents during the different phases of the Pandemic.In September 2020, a proposal was developed and presented to management. A Volunteer Outreach Program was launched and sponsored by the Resident Council. The purpose [...]

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International Solidarity Days – August 2022

August 6 & 9—World Remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—77th AnniversaryOn these two days we remember the only two times that nuclear weapons have been unleashed during warfare. We also remember the horrendous immediate human cost, and the continuing long-term effects on global societies. Sadako Sasaki, born on January 7, 1943, was a Japanese girl who became a victim of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the United States. She was two years old when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She was at home with her mother about 1 mile (1.6 m) from ground zero. Miraculously, she was thrown out through [...]

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Take action to ensure enforcement of the Clean Air Act

The Supreme Court just announced a shocking decision that attacks the EPA, undermines the bipartisan Clean Air Act, and sets a dangerous precedent that could severely inhibit the federal government’s ability to act in the public interest.The Clean Air Act really matters. It has allowed the EPA to prevent mass pollution and provided an important tool to protect Black, Brown, Indigenous, and frontline communities that bear the worst impacts of pollution and climate change.We need a nationwide grassroots mobilization to fight back: Sign our emergency rapid response petition to tell our leaders that we will not accept this assault on our future.Sign the [...]

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July Anniversary Post

Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation – Franciscan Values in Action Social justice and peace issues have always been part of the Wheaton Franciscan spirit. This commitment to peace, justice, and care of creation has been demonstrated through the ministries of housing, health care, and social services. It has also been demonstrated through decisions and actions that impact systemic sources of injustice. The Contributions of Sister Marion Cronk In 1980, a Social Concerns Team was created to coordinate education and action. Sr. Marion Cronk, OSF, served as the chair of the team for more than [...]

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International Solidarity Days – July 2022

July 11—World Population Day July 11th, World Population Day seeks to raise awareness of issues around world population. The current world population is estimated to be 7.8 billion. The average global life expectancy is now about 72 years. Global population is increasing about 83 million people per year. This continuing strain of earth’s resources threatens all of us unless we seriously strive to live more simply and thus decrease our consumption of resources. Increasing human population densities also expose all of us to increasing risks of pandemics, water shortages, and worsening food production and distribution problems. International cooperation is urgently [...]

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The Senate Compromise Bill

A message from Po Murray, Chairwoman, Newtown Action Alliance & Newtown Action Alliance FoundationThe long awaited Senate compromise bill is ready: Click to readAccording to a very reliable source, the final procedural vote is expected by the end of the week. Please contact your Senators at 202-224-3121 to urge them to support this bill. It's not all that we need or want but it's a step in the right direction because it will save lives.  

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Ask Congress to pass legislation to meet emissions reductions goals

The US Catholic Bishops (USCCB) sent the below Action Alert via LCWR.  Congress is right now considering funding for addressing climate change.  Please read the information and if you are in agreement, click on the “Take Action” button to sign on to a letter addressed to your senators and representative in the US Congress.  Thanks. ~ Sr. BeaTake Action

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Contact the Senate: Pass Background Checks and Reinstate the Ban on Assault Weapons Now

    Uvalde: AR-15Buffalo: AR-15Boulder: AR-15Orlando: AR-15Parkland: AR-15Las Vegas: AR-15Aurora: AR-15Sandy Hook: AR-15Waffle House: AR-15San Bernardino: AR-15Odessa: AR-15Poway Synagogue: AR-15Sutherland Springs: AR-15Tree of Life Synagogue: AR-15In each of these deadly massacres the AR-15 was purchased legally and, in the case of the last two massacres, by someone not even old enough to legally drink.The assault weapons ban worked.In 1994, under President Clinton, Congress passed a ban on assault rifles and shootings dropped by 43%. After Republicans let the ban expire in 2004, mass shootings increased by 243%.Now, President Biden has called to reinstate the assault weapons ban. He demanded tougher background check [...]

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June Anniversary Post

New Partnerships in Faith Communication Centers For the Wheaton Franciscans, the period of 1968 through 1983 was characterized by new partnerships in faith, life, and ministry. In 1968, the Sisters opened Bridge Communication Center in Wheaton and John XXIII Center in Denver. The Centers were gathering places for prayer and exploration on how to bring the Gospel to the world in more effective ways. This Sisters understood this as a call to meet a new need in this new time.    The Centers were intended to reach out to people of all ages and faiths, especially the young, [...]

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