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December 2022 Weavings Reflection

Toward a Flourishing FutureHaikus - Part 2 of 2by Mary Ellen Durbin, Covenant Companion I have practiced daily meditation for more than 35 years. The following haikus came from insights gained through contemplation… Sanctify the worldWith your ordinary lifeAnd your awareness.  Somewhere deep within, The bush continues to burn.This is holy ground.  The seeds of a greater Journey are waiting in Everything around us. Sometimes, we needTo step back, in order to find A way to return. [...]

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Indonesian Province Leadership Election

Forwarding from the Indonesia Province:Many Greetings from Indonesia. Our Chapter finished on Friday, October 21, 2022.I would like to say thank you very much for praying for our all FCJM sisters in all countries. We are so glad because our Chapter has gone well.The newly [elected] Province Leadership is (2022-2026):Sr. M. Theodosia Tinambunan FCJM : Provincial DirectressSr. M. Lydia Simbolon FCJM : Assistant ProvincialSr. M. Agnes Tambunan FCJM  : CouncilSr. M. Lusiana Sianturi FCJM : CouncilSr. M. Emiliana Situmoragn FCJM : CouncilRegardsSr. Ivoline

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November 2022 Weavings Reflection

Toward a Flourishing FutureHaikus - Part 1 of 2by Mary Ellen Durbin The natural world has always been a window into the holiness of God, the wonder of creation. Most of my haikus emerge from moments of encounter, and moments of reflection, about our current environmental challenges, in the light of faith and hope. Often, I become very discouraged about our chances for survival as a human species. Since Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, my awareness, reflection, and my faith in God’s transforming power of love have grown. I participated in the Wheaton Franciscan conversation over the months about [...]

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Kickapoo Red Flint Corn Harvest Blessing

On Sunday, October 22, we gathered for a Harvest Blessing of the Kickapoo Red Flint corn led by Sister Bea Hernandez, the Justice and Peace Coordinator for the Wheaton Franciscans.We prayed in thanksgiving to the Great Spirit, who gives life, and to our Mother Earth, who sustains and nourishes life, as we prepared to harvest the sacred corn entrusted to us by the Kickapoo Nation Seed Keepers. Following the prayer service, Covenant Companion Paige Samdal guided participants in harvesting some of the corn.In late May, we gratefully and humbly planted the seeds provided by the Kickapoo Nation. The Kickapoo Seed [...]

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